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How to transmute your negative energies with the Saint Germain flower remedy

The action of floral essences is not chemical but vibratory. They therefore act on the various human energy fields, which in return influence well-being.

Flower remedy therapy is therefore part of the subtle and non-invasive therapies that tend to restore your balance and improve your quality of life without toxic side effects.

Saint Germain’s flower essences act by transmuting and removing energy blockages caused by the negative state of your personality (thoughts, words, attitudes and intentions).

The disharmonious psychic states result from an absence of vital energy in the etheric centers of force: THE CHAKRAS.

As a reflex, these negative states cause disharmony at the level of physicochemical cells that stimulate the glands of the physical body or even the regions of the chakras. These energy blockages are the cause in the physical body of a lack of harmony in its chemical and biological composition which causes a disorder of health: THE DISEASE.

Our physical and supraphysical bodies are made of electrons. Blockages will “stop” the passage of light on these electrons. Physical illness is the crystallization of an erroneous posture of our personality. It is an energy disruption that originated in one of our supraphysical, etheric, emotional or mental bodies. This is a posture that goes against our inner divinity and a disharmony between our mind and our soul.

The twelve Divine Rays are a new approach that brings our humanity to the path of evolution by transmuting and transforming the forces of our unconscious.

They all have a function in the spiritual world and in the physical world.

According to Neide Margonari: “Thanks to their actions, the flower essences of Saint Germain carry the energies that have the mission to awaken and develop the latent powers that the man carries in him.”

The pioneer of flower remedies, the English physician Dr. Edward Bach (1886 – 1936) had already the intuition of the action of the Divine Rays on certain flowers. The action of flower essences is supraphysical and therapeutic. It is the expression of their cosmic and Christic energies.

Flower remedy therapy sessions in practical…

During the session, we will evaluate together your needs and a customized preparation will be prepared.

Concentrated formulas and ambiance sprays can complete this preparation.


Séverine Minni – Life Spirit Alchemists Founder
Specialized nurse in hypnosis, hypnopraxis and Ericksonian psychotherapy
Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner / Professional Coaching
Flower remedy therapy and quantum therapy practitioner
PSiO ambassador

Nurse by profession, I started my career at the age of 24 and 14 years ago in France, in the Grenoble region. I studied and worked in the University Hospital of Grenoble and Dom Tom in Martinique at the University Hospital of Martinique Hospital Pierre Zobda Quitman – La Meynard, Fort de France, especially in the operating rooms of emergencies and cells of polytreatment of polytrauma patients in neurosurgery and cardiac surgery.

For my personal and professional development, I leave the region of Grenoble for the Annecy Basin to take up the position of assistant director of operating theater. Inspired by this beautiful region, I started in 2014 then an endless process of personal development as part of my Master in professional coaching to get to know me better and live with me while learning to respect my values. A real search for the Grail!

I complete this course with a Diploma of Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming to properly reprogram the BIOS of my central unit. This process took place in parallel with my professional activity as an instrumental nurse in orthopedic surgery and then in the workplace health sector within companies in Haute-Savoie.

In 2015, I revisited Swiss practices by adding to those I knew, those of digestive and visceral surgery, cardiac electrophysiology and research within the University Hospital of Geneva.

After discovering “all parts of the human body” by my professional activity but also by the practice of intensive sport twirling stick in international competition for 14 years, I became aware that what was played in the human being was another order.

I became interested in hypnosis. I had incredible and exciting revelations about the functioning of the human being during my training taught by Dr. Guy Chedeau, MD, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Paris, collaborator since 1988 of Dr. Jean Godin, 1st President of the Milton Erickson Institute in Paris, founder of the Milton Erickson Institute in Geneva.

To complete my professional needs I followed a training course of trainer in company.

I am certified preparator of flower essences of Saint Germain de Neide Margonari (Brazil) then trained and certified in quantum radionics therapy by Manuela Joïa, teacher in Switzerland from the practice of Regia Prado (Brazil).
These two therapeutic techniques harmonize the vibratory and energetic levels of the human being.

I describe myself today as a holistic therapist to educate my patients to make them independent and responsible for their overall health.

With all the possibilities that are offered to me and mainly my practice to restore a psychocorporal balance, the challenge today is to promote the development of the vitality and inner well-being of my patients… the inner key!

A balanced relationship of the human being with himself, with others and with the environment. I could not have done a better job…



CHF120 / h

The session time is usually of 1 h



Including shipping fees


Sessions will take place at Noshaq – Pôle médical de Malagnou : Route de Malagnou 8, 1208 Geneva

The session price includes the mixing preration and its shipment.

Cash and credit card accepted on site.