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An ancestral body-spirit approach you can reach

Qi Gong is one of the Chinese tradition treasures, it’s a moving Taoist meditation based on the harmonious Relationship between the body and mind, the breathing, the opening of the 5 senses and the vital energy (Qi) control. Movements are slow, associated with specific breathing technics and consciousness focusing. “Qi” means vital breath and “Gong” work, movement. Each movement is executed in mindfullness.

Qi Gong practicing is composed of practices and simple psycho-energetic exercises, reachable by everybody, composed of slow movement, adjusted to the effort, without competition, combined with stand-up or seated static postures and breathing and focusing exercises, self-massages, joint release exercices to allow an harmonious energy flow within the body.

Harmonisation, centering and energy flow are common to Qi Gong and meditation. Both are affecting positivly the mind to induce the well-being and the health.

Qi Gong and meditation are both practiced in silence and in consciousness. A special care is given to the position and balance of the body in space.

This body-mind approach allows:

  • Improves your vital strength, your coordination and your flexibility.
  • Induces a general well-being feeling.
  • Reduces stress and high blood pressure.
  • Improves focusing.
  • Improves immune system.
  • Improves muscle state and vital functions (cardiovascular, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive).
  • heals back pain
  • Improves sleep.

Qi Gong brings you to enlightenment. It’s a practice of health, well-being or a spiritual practice whose goal is to consciously place you in your environment, to reconnect you to the universal energy, so as to let the energy flow in your body in agreement with the environment, between Heaven and Earth.


Today, it has been a unique experience discovering unbelievable sensations that I didn’t know… Jean-Christophe has been really patient with me : I’m deaf! I’ve been able to understand him even with his beard… He has repeated or written when necessary and he was very care that I was following the course… In consequence of what, this course has been really beneficial to me and I felt much better at the end. I’ve already booked for the next course! Thank you so much Jean-Christophe!

Mireille D.

I took part to 2 Qi Gong workshops on June 3rd. I discover the very clear and precise pedagogy of Jean-Christophe who is transmitting with great generosity, sharing his own experience and feelings. I’ll continue to take part to the next workshops and start the classes.

Alexia B.

Take some time to listen our own body when being guided by Jean-Christophe who is bringing to us with simples but precise movements: deep relaxation, conscious breathing, centering, balance allowing us to feel the surrounding energy that drives us.

Insured well-being at the end if we give us the opportunity.

Sylvie B.

A very good teacher with a beautiful energy!

Pauline B.

What does Éco Qi Gong label mean?

  • Éco for ecological:
    • All day long, we are often using, doing, moving… alone! Indeed, when we’re going to move to our favorite activities, we are often alone in our car. When practicing an indoor activity, the energy cost (electricity, lights, heating…) is ratherly the same being 2 or 30! Even, in some cases, we can imagine have some savings if we are numerous (the heating for example).
  • Éco for economic:
    • L’effet d’échelle est souvent propice aux économies ! Si vous achetez 5 produits identiques au lieu d’un, généralement le prix d’achat unitaire est plus intéressant lorsqu’on en prend 5 que 1, c’est ce que l’on appelle communément le facteur d’échelle.
    • The scale factor is often in favor to savings! If you buy 5 identical products instead of one, usualy the price is more attractice that buying one. it’s the scale factor!
    • In the same way, if we group to buy some services or some material, it gives us access to possibilities that alone we cannot afford! It’s the cost share of ressources and services!
  • Éco for eco-energy:
    • The Qi Gong practice is much more attractive when we are numerous than alone. We are grouping into one in the qi field and it allows to support our own practice and increase the energy feelings. The individual is supported by the group!

In consequence, all course cards or workshop cards are not nominative in agreement with Éco Qi Gong label!


Jean-Christophe Minni – Life Spirit Alchemists Founder
Qi Gong and meditation certified teacher
Specialized Traditional Chinese Medecine practitioner in Tui Na and Qi Gong Healing.
Approved by the ASCA Fondation.

Approved therapist by ASCA Fondation.

10 years ago, when I was working as manager in an aerospace company, I had the need to find an activity allowing me to balance more my dayly life and reduce the stress induced by my job. I had naturally started practicing yoga with a dynamic vinyasa yoga associated with a more relaxing one, the yin yoga. Quickly, I’ve discovered and started being passionnated by the Traditional Chinese Medecine and its secular approach based on observation of the nature. In the meantime, I’ve diged in nutrition and its positive effects on the health. Food as the first medecine according to Hippocrate!

Few years later and many books on the subject, I’ve discovered the secular energetic art that is Qi Gong. Its practice associating the body, the spirit and the energy is creating an inner alchemy which will refine and nourrish the consciouness and then modify the essence of life.

You start to understand why Life Spirit Alchemists?

It was in 2013 that I’ve decided to start the great adventure of the Traditional Chinese Medecine and Qi Gong starting a 3 years training to be teacher and healer in Ecole de Médecine Chinoise et Qi Gong (E.M.C.Q.G.) and to acquir the basis of the Traditional Chinese Medecine in Institut Liang Shen de Médecine Chinoise. But, at this time, I didn’t know what I will do of these knowledges unless using them for balance and improve my health and moving forward in the spiritual path.

It’s after a professional disappointment that the evidence appears to me and my questions found answers. It was the time to do Traditional Chinese Medecine and Qi Gong my new job.

I had my Qi Gong teacher and healer diploma under the approval of Wenchun Zhang Master, disciple of Professor Pang He Ming, Zhineng Qi Gong (Wisdom Qi Gong) founder in 2016.

I had my Traditional Chinese Medecine practitioner diploma, specialized in Acupuncture, Herbal medecine and Tui Na Zheng Gu massage in Institut Liang Shen de Médecine Chinoise, Genève in 2017.

Life Spirit Alchemists Founder with my wife Séverine, today, I can proudly say that I’ve made my passion my job.


Jean-Christophe Minni – Life Spirit Alchemists Founder
Qi Gong and meditation certified teacher
Specialized Traditional Chinese Medecine practitioner in Tui Na and Qi Gong Healing.
Approved by ASCA Fondation.

Various ways of practicing Qi Gong:


To bring you back at your well-being state. A dedicated moment for you, far for the daily professional and private life troubles.


To encourage your health. To maintain, improce your health or ongoing Healing. Become your health actor.


To open yourself to the world, to the energy of the univers which surround us and support us. Let’s go in a univers where body, energy, consciousness and information are melt together. Take the path to your wisdom and your enlightment.




1 lesson: CHF40


1 discovery lesson (0): CHF20


10 lessons ticket (1): CHF350


20 lessons ticket (2): CHF600


1 lesson: CHF110


10 lessons ticket (1): CHF1,000


20 lessons ticket (2): CHF1,800


1 workshop: CHF170


6 workshops ticket (3): CHF870


12 workshops ticket (4): CHF1,350

(0) Restricted to one lesson per person.

(1) 10 lessons ticket validity: 4 months from the buying date.

(2) 20 lessons ticket validity: 8 months from the buying date.

(3) 6 workshops ticket validity: 8 months from the buying date.

(4) 12 workshops ticket validity: 16 months from the buying date.

(1)(2)(3)(4) Éco Qi Gong label: buy and share a ticket with your friends! The tickets are not nominative.


Please have a look at the calendars belore to know the locations of the group lessons and workshops.
Group lessons will take place in Yoga Lab, Rue Charles-Humbert 10, 1205 Geneva.
Private lessons will take place in Noshaq – Pôle médical de Malagnou, Route de Malagnou 8, 1208 Geneva.

Cash and credit cards are accepted on site.

Group lessons calendar


19:00 – 20:00 Yoga Lab, Rue Charles-Humbert 10, 1205 Geneva
11:00 – 12:00 Yoga Lab, Rue Charles-Humbert 10, 1205 Geneva