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Quantum physics for your daily health

Quantum therapy offers the possibility of fully harmonizing the person who wants it. It allows to connect through a range of vibratory levels from the densest to the most subtle. It suggests an inter-relationship between physical symptoms, energy imbalances and emotional disorders. It uses electro-magnetic frequencies to re-harmonize these imbalances and rely on the body’s ability to self-regulate.

By harmonizing the energetic body, the chemistry of the physical body gradually adjusts.

This new way of healing is based on the discoveries of quantum physics.

Energy and information exist in the universe. At the quantum level, everything is energy and information.

The body is considered as a vibratory and energetic field constitued of billions of particles of light, photons, which constantly exchange information, a luminous universe in which the mind and matter are one.

These are not biochemical exchanges of our cells that determine our state of health but the information they communicate to each other.

The origin of the disorders of health will not then be biological but linked to a lack of information.

Harmonization of the body will be done at the vibratory level to restore the balance of energy frequencies to change the information.

Quantum Radionics was already used in ancient Egypt.

It is a science of vibratory microwaves emitted by objects or shapes, specially designed for this purpose.

Its principle is governed by the control of the vibratory energetic condensation emitted by a series of numbers or waveforms.

This emissive energy is intended to diffuse at some distance to someone or something a beneficial energy for modifying its electromagnetic field.

This psionic action can be general or targeted in order to act specifically in specific areas.

The Quantum Psionic table is an unlimited tool of quantum cure. It is used with a pendulum and based on the principles of dowsing and sacred geometry. Through this tool, it is possible to check and measure your vibratory energy frequencies and allow you to restore them in different multi-dimensional planes, and on all living beings, including animals and spaces.

This therapy allows you to restore your original DNA plan and thus intervene on your blockages.

Free yourself from the narrow concepts of materialism and explore the many universes that exist beyond what your five senses perceive.

Fly in the immense sky unlimited potentials of your being.

Become a magnificent creator and fashion the world of your dreams every moment!

Quantum psionic therapy sessions in practicals…

I welcome you at first to establish the diagnosis of active energies by completing a table of checks.

We then establish together the priorities you want to work and then the sessions will be put in place according to your needs. It is not necessary for you to be present at each consultation because the care can be done remotely.

This approach is applicable in all areas of life:

  • vitality,
  • disruptions
  • health,
  • negativity,
  • living spaces,
  • etc.

Depending on the origin of your vibratory frequencies, we will work on:

  • the balance of vital energies by the seven chakras,
  • the balance of emotional energies: anger, anxiety, anxiety, jealousy, fear, stress, phobias, frustrations, hate, guilt, conflict with oneself or others, etc.
  • tiredness,
  • the energy of the miasmas: what remains of the diseases, the residues,
  • the energy of the family,
  • spiritual energy,
  • professional energy / work,
  • telluric energies,
  • fears and traumas,
  • diseases, viruses, headaches, tension, etc.
  • financial energy,
  • the energy of relationships,
  • etc.

The harmony will settle gradually and in time.


Séverine Minni – Life Spirit Alchemists Founder
Specialized nurse in hypnosis, hypnopraxis and Ericksonian psychotherapy
Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner / Professional Coaching
Flower remedy therapy and quantum therapy practitioner
PSiO ambassador

Nurse by profession, I started my career at the age of 24 and 14 years ago in France, in the Grenoble region. I studied and worked in the University Hospital of Grenoble and Dom Tom in Martinique at the University Hospital of Martinique Hospital Pierre Zobda Quitman – La Meynard, Fort de France, especially in the operating rooms of emergencies and cells of polytreatment of polytrauma patients in neurosurgery and cardiac surgery.

For my personal and professional development, I leave the region of Grenoble for the Annecy Basin to take up the position of assistant director of operating theater. Inspired by this beautiful region, I started in 2014 then an endless process of personal development as part of my Master in professional coaching to get to know me better and live with me while learning to respect my values. A real search for the Grail!

I complete this course with a Diploma of Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming to properly reprogram the BIOS of my central unit. This process took place in parallel with my professional activity as an instrumental nurse in orthopedic surgery and then in the workplace health sector within companies in Haute-Savoie.

In 2015, I revisited Swiss practices by adding to those I knew, those of digestive and visceral surgery, cardiac electrophysiology and research within the University Hospital of Geneva.

After discovering “all parts of the human body” by my professional activity but also by the practice of intensive sport twirling stick in international competition for 14 years, I became aware that what was played in the human being was another order.

I became interested in hypnosis. I had incredible and exciting revelations about the functioning of the human being during my training taught by Dr. Guy Chedeau, MD, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Paris, collaborator since 1988 of Dr. Jean Godin, 1st President of the Milton Erickson Institute in Paris, founder of the Milton Erickson Institute in Geneva.

To complete my professional needs I followed a training course of trainer in company.

I am certified preparator of flower essences of Saint Germain de Neide Margonari (Brazil) then trained and certified in quantum radionics therapy by Manuela Joïa, teacher in Switzerland from the practice of Regia Prado (Brazil).
These two therapeutic techniques harmonize the vibratory and energetic levels of the human being.

I describe myself today as a holistic therapist to educate my patients to make them independent and responsible for their overall health.

With all the possibilities that are offered to me and mainly my practice to restore a psychocorporal balance, the challenge today is to promote the development of the vitality and inner well-being of my patients… the inner key!

A balanced relationship of the human being with himself, with others and with the environment. I could not have done a better job…


Jean-Christophe Minni – Life Spirit Alchemists Founder
Quantum Psionic Therapy practitionner.
Creator and practitionner of Bio-Psionic Therapy.
Specialized Traditional Chinese Medecine practitioner in Tui Na and Qi Gong Healing.
Qi Gong and meditation certified teacher.
Certified by the ASCA Fondation.

Certified therapist by ASCA Fondation.

10 years ago, when I was working as manager in an aerospace company, I had the need to find an activity allowing me to balance more my dayly life and reduce the stress induced by my job. I had naturally started practicing yoga with a dynamic vinyasa yoga associated with a more relaxing one, the yin yoga. Quickly, I’ve discovered and started being passionnated by the Traditional Chinese Medecine and its secular approach based on observation of the nature. In the meantime, I’ve diged in nutrition and its positive effects on the health. Food as the first medecine according to Hippocrate!

Few years later and many books on the subject, I’ve discovered the secular energetic art that is Qi Gong. Its practice associating the body, the spirit and the energy is creating an inner alchemy which will refine and nourrish the consciouness and then modify the essence of life.

You start to understand why Life Spirit Alchemists?

It was in 2013 that I’ve decided to start the great adventure of the Traditional Chinese Medecine and Qi Gong starting a 3 years training to be teacher and healer in Ecole de Médecine Chinoise et Qi Gong (E.M.C.Q.G.) and to acquir the basis of the Traditional Chinese Medecine in Institut Liang Shen de Médecine Chinoise. But, at this time, I didn’t know what I will do of these knowledges unless using them for balance and improve my health and moving forward in the spiritual path.

It’s after a professional disappointment that the evidence appears to me and my questions found answers. It was the time to do Traditional Chinese Medecine and Qi Gong my new job.

I had my Qi Gong teacher and healer diploma under the approval of Wenchun Zhang Master, disciple of Professor Pang He Ming, Zhineng Qi Gong (Wisdom Qi Gong) founder in 2016.

I had my Traditional Chinese Medecine practitioner diploma, specialized in Acupuncture, Herbal medecine and Tui Na Zheng Gu massage in Institut Liang Shen de Médecine Chinoise, Genève in 2017.

I had my Quantum Psionic practitioner diplomas for Quantum Psionic Table practitioner, Crystalline Grid, Quantum Psionic for Spaces and Universal Quantum Psionic in 2017 and 2018.

I’ve created the Bio-Psionic Therapy based on my learning, knowledges and experiences in 2018.

Life Spirit Alchemists Founder with my wife Séverine, today, I can proudly say that I’ve made my passion my job.

The various practices:




Possibilities are nearly infinite, it can be used for releasing toxicity from the body and mind, removing negative emotions and core limiting beliefs, old patterns, for deep spiritual cleansing, release karmic and emotional problems, improving business and personal relationships.

Amazing and fast results!

It’s based on the principals of Dowsing, Psionics, Radionics, Sacred Geometry, NLP, Quantum Physics, Spiritual Healing, Metaphysics, Holistic and Natural Therapies.



Ideal for transforming negative patterns which have been generated along our life.

It can be helpful for solving various problems such as phobias, fears, depression, nostalgia, obsessions, addictions, negative conditionning, karmic ilnesses, and other behaviours, patterns of repetitiion, etc.

It’s really complementary to “Blue” Quantum Psionic Table.



The Quantum Psionic Table for Spaces works specifically for cleansing and harmonizing spaces and environments.

It’s a different approach and technic for the cleansing and harmonization of spaces which are considered as “living beings” with some consciousness.

It can be considered as a complementary tool of Feng Shui and Geobiology.

It works with a wide range of healing tools such as cristals, radionic graphics, flower remedies, color healing, dragons, rituals, prayers, …



The Universal Quantum Psionic Table is used as a mandala that is built to act on a person or a group of persons. This mandala is activated and is acting directly to induce immediat changes.

It can be used on large groups of persons (familly, entreprise, …), collective and planetary healing.



CHF120 / h

Session time is usually of 1 hour. The first session could be longer (1.5 h)


Sessions will take place at Noshaq – Pôle médical de Malagnou, Route de Malagnou 8, 1208 Geneva, or in remote.

In case of remote session, please give the name, firstname and birthday of the concern person.

Cash and credit card accepted on site.