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A holistic approach of the humain in his environment

The Traditional Chinese Medecine (TCM) is born several millennia ago. TCM is based on the observation of energetic unbalance of the human in his globality and in his environment. TCM observe physical, emotional and energetic symptoms. According to the TCM, the root cause of each disease can be found in a critical point of body energies unbalance. In consequence, to prevent or heal the disease, the TCM restore an energetic balance and a harmony between the body qi fields, the nature and the universe.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine is composed of four main therapeutic categories:

  • Acupuncture,
  • Herbal,
  • Massage,
  • Healing Qi Gong.


The art of acupuncture is old! The Huang Di Nei Jing, one of major TCM books from the Fighting Kingdoms (475 – 221 before J-C) is describing this technic. The practitioner is balancing the physical and energetical state inserting needles in specific points.

The acupuncture theory is composed of five complementary practices that can be used alone or together:

  • Needling insertion in points of meridians to stimulate the energy flow to balance Qi.

  • Cupping remove pathogenic Qi and allow tonification of some parts of the body ; associated with the bleeding to treat acute pains related to blood stasis.

  • Bleeding is removing the toxic Qi, the blood stasis, the heat or pathogenic factors ; treats troubles of the nervous system, physical traumas and fevers.

  • Moxibustion on meridian points allows to infuse heat and Qi to improve the immute system ; to remove cold by removing the blood stasis.

  • Magnetotherapy or usage of magnets on acupuncture points to induce a reaction on the electromagnetic field of the body ; technic used since the Tang dynasty (618 – 907 after J-C).


The herbal therapy is a science and an art. Decoctions are used to treat various illness since more than 5000 years. This knowledge has been collected in the Materia Medica of Shen Nong.

The herbs are sorted by nature, taste and tropism. They are associated together to create a treatment where they are acting in symbiose to tone, to purge, to eliminate, to warm, to cool, to susten the Yin and the Yang, remove the fever or flow the Qi, the blood, the organic liquids in the body to bring back the energetic balance.

There are five major branches:

  • nutritional teaching,
  • decoctions and soups,
  • dyes and beverages,
  • oils, baulms and ointments,
  • compresses, powders et pills.

The nutritional teaching allow to balance the food supply for providing for energetic need of the body and bringing back the balance of energies, leading to good health, in adjonction of herbals.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy is the words used to characterise manual therapeutic technics. Two major ones can be considered:

  • Tui Na,
  • Gua Sha.

Tui Na Zheng Gu allows treating musculoskeletal and organic disorders through the use of three independent or associated therapeutic approaches :

  • An Mo massage,
  • Ban Fa stretching,
  • Dong Fa osteo-articular manipulations.

Gua Sha is a therapeutic approach of scrubbing the skin with an instrument to allow the evil energies to evacuate, promote the circulation of Qi and blood, eliminate toxins, eliminate blockages.

Healing Qi Gong, Yi Liao Qi Gong

This therapy consists of regulating the three external Qi fields of the body (physical, emotional and spiritual) and the four internal Qi fields.

The energy therapy of Qi Gong uses five major therapeutic methods:

  • Qi projection therapy allows remote action on meridians, acupuncture points and organs,
  • Prescriptions of self-regulation exercises of Qi Gong to realize daily,
  • Qi Gong massage therapy, a different technique of Tui Na during which the practitioner brushes the body to release the Qi,
  • Sound therapy to unblock energy stagnations by projecting sound vibrations into body tissues,
  • Energetic acupuncture without needle by visualizing energy needles inserted at acupuncture points to stimulate and direct Qi.

This global approach of the individual in his environment allows:

  • Eliminating internal pathogenic factors such as the accumulation of excessive emotions as well as external ones from the environment (cold, heat, humidity …).
  • Increasing or decreasing your relative Qi levels to counterbalance deficiency or fullness states of meridians and organs.
  • Regulating and balancing the Yin and Yang energies to restore your energy harmony.
    Improve your life force.
  • Improving your life force.
  • Providing a general sense of well-being
  • Reducing stress and reducing hypertension.
  • Improving your concentration.
  • Strengthening the immune system.
  • Improving the condition of muscles and vital functions (cardiovascular, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive)
  • Treating back pain.
  • Improving sleep.

The therapeutic techniques of Traditional Chinese Medecine (acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage therapy, Qi Gong energy therapy) help restore harmony in your physical, energetic and mental / emotional bodies. They harmonize the flow of energy in your body according to the environment, between Heaven and Earth.


I decided to take appointment with Jean-Christophe because despite good health, I felt some digestive dysfunctions and also a difficulty to undertake my projects. I had a tendency to have ideas, sometimes start and then postpone.

During the consultation, Jean-Christophe explains the probable causes, then proceeds to the session which consists in particular of the rebalancing of the meridians and global energy.

Conclusion: session particularly effective and beyond my expectations. In 24 hours my physical symptoms disappeared and disappeared after a few days and I easily moved forward again. A real restart!

Alexia B. (Healing Qi Gong)

This is good news that I give you:

When I got home on Sunday night, I felt refreshed, I was smiling inwardly.

Tuesday I went on a mountain trip with a group, on the way back I walked with a glee, gorging me with the heat of the sun from the calm of the beauty of the autumn landscape, I did not even hear the group behind me.

Arrived at the car park I had the impression of being on a cloud all was light I was far from ruminations ….

To this day I am still well and it seems to me that I take a step back from the worries of life.

Jeannine D. (Healing Qi Gong)

Hello Jean-Christophe,

The pain disappeared quickly under my left shoulder blade after your Tui Na massage.

Thank you for this great job!

Michel G. (Tui Na massage)

Having had constipation problems for 30 years and after having tried everything to heal, I made an appointment with Mr Minni and the next day, my transit went back to normal and continues to work. Thank you Mr Minni, thank you energies!

Arlette F. (Healing Qi Gong)


Jean-Christophe Minni – Life Spirit Alchemists Founder
Qi Gong and meditation certified teacher
Specialized Traditional Chinese Medecine practitioner in Tui Na and Qi Gong Healing.
Approved by the ASCA Fondation.

Approved therapist by ASCA Fondation.

10 years ago, when I was working as manager in an aerospace company, I had the need to find an activity allowing me to balance more my dayly life and reduce the stress induced by my job. I had naturally started practicing yoga with a dynamic vinyasa yoga associated with a more relaxing one, the yin yoga. Quickly, I’ve discovered and started being passionnated by the Traditional Chinese Medecine and its secular approach based on observation of the nature. In the meantime, I’ve diged in nutrition and its positive effects on the health. Food as the first medecine according to Hippocrate!

Few years later and many books on the subject, I’ve discovered the secular energetic art that is Qi Gong. Its practice associating the body, the spirit and the energy is creating an inner alchemy which will refine and nourrish the consciouness and then modify the essence of life.

You start to understand why Life Spirit Alchemists?

It was in 2013 that I’ve decided to start the great adventure of the Traditional Chinese Medecine and Qi Gong starting a 3 years training to be teacher and healer in Ecole de Médecine Chinoise et Qi Gong (E.M.C.Q.G.) and to acquir the basis of the Traditional Chinese Medecine in Institut Liang Shen de Médecine Chinoise. But, at this time, I didn’t know what I will do of these knowledges unless using them for balance and improve my health and moving forward in the spiritual path.

It’s after a professional disappointment that the evidence appears to me and my questions found answers. It was the time to do Traditional Chinese Medecine and Qi Gong my new job.

I had my Qi Gong teacher and healer diploma under the approval of Wenchun Zhang Master, disciple of Professor Pang He Ming, Zhineng Qi Gong (Wisdom Qi Gong) founder in 2016.

I had my Traditional Chinese Medecine practitioner diploma, specialized in Acupuncture, Herbal medecine and Tui Na Zheng Gu massage in Institut Liang Shen de Médecine Chinoise, Genève in 2017.

Life Spirit Alchemists Founder with my wife Séverine, today, I can proudly say that I’ve made my passion my job.


Jean-Christophe Minni – Life Spirit Alchemists Founder
Qi Gong and meditation certified teacher
Specialized Traditional Chinese Medecine practitioner in Tui Na and Qi Gong Healing.
Approved by ASCA Fondation.

Proposed therapeutic approaches:








Nutrition education


Powder and pills

Blend of essential oils

Floral elixirs


Tui Na Zheng Gu

Gua Sha


Qi projection therapy

Prescription of self-regulation

Energy massage therapy

Sound therapy

Energy acupuncture without needle



CHF120 / h

Sessions are usually of 1 hour. The first session can be longer (1.5 h).

Possible indemnification according to your complementary health insurrance. Please contact your insurer.


Sessions will take place in Noshaq – Pôle médical de Malagnou : Route de Malagnou 8, 1208 Geneva or in remote (energy sessions).

In the case of remote session, please give indications of the reason of your appointment, the name, firstname and birthdate of the person that will receive the session.

Cash and credit cards are accepted on site.